Nursery Ideas - Winnie the Pooh

Deciding on the theme of your child’s nursery can often take you back to your own childhood. We love some of the classics, and Winnie the pooh is no exception! Who wasn’t at some point charmed by Piglet, Tiger and Eeyore? We think that Winnie the Pooh is the perfect theme- especially for those that don’t the sex of their baby. Classic but cute, memorable but not old fashioned, our latest mood board shows several of our favourite nursery accessories.

1  Growth chart eBay
2  Wall sticker Amazon
3  Storage The land of nod
4  Mix and Match Wardrobe (white) Kub
5  Light Argos$ja=tsid:59157|cid:199888953|agid:17471341833|tid:aud-158518126633:pla-92279127753|crid:74692319793|nw:g|rnd:11429134979453000057|dvc:c|adp:1o13&gclid=CLbn_YKMutECFQsR0wodSgYMvA
6  Photo frame John Lewis
7  Wall art Disney Japan
8  Haywood Reclining Glider & Footstool (white) Kub
9  Soft toy Disney store
10  Blanket Dunelm
11  Body suit Disney store
12  Mix and Match Changer/Dresser (white) Kub
13  Clock Etsy
14  Dreema Cot Bed (white) Kub